Daniel Weiss

Reporter, writer, editor

New York, NY

Daniel Weiss

Reporter, writer, editor


The Amazing True Story of Nathan Harrison

Excavations uncover the hidden life of a formerly enslaved man who became a California legend
Archaeology Link to Story

Diver Down

Free divers push themselves to extremes of endurance in pursuit of records—and nirvana.
Discovery Channel Magazine Link to Story

Trigger Man

When you teach gun safety for home defense, your students can be a bit intense.
New Jersey Monthly Link to Story

New York City's Boat Basin Gets a Reprieve

A small houseboat community in the Hudson River facing extinction manages to stay afloat.
NPR: All Things Considered Link to Story

The Making of a Marine

The story of an 18-year-old from the Bronx and the recruiters who are trying to get him to boot camp.
The Village Voice Link to Story

Stacking the Deck

Blackjack is a fool's game. You can never beat the house. Or can you?
Discovery Channel Magazine Link to Story

Mystery of the Twister

Researcher Josh Wurman is willing to risk his life to find out what makes tornadoes tick.
Discovery Channel Magazine Link to Story

Fighting Fire From the Sky

Stopping forest fires takes skill, advanced technology—and some of the bravest pilots around.
Discovery Channel Magazine Link to Story

Giving Tarzan His Own Turf

Ex-NFLer Tony Siragusa builds palatial playpens for hubbies pushed to the home decor sidelines.
New Jersey Monthly Link to Story

North/South Skirmishes

Sub or hoagie? Jimmies or sprinkles? A film draws the line between North and South Jersey.
New Jersey Monthly Link to Story

Does Mike Rowe Really Have TV's Dirtiest Job?

Not even close. The guys with the cameras tell their filthy stories.
Discovery Channel Magazine Link to Story

Bowled a Perfect Game? So, Join the Crowd

Many fear the increasingly common 300 game will mean a gutter ball for the sport's integrity.
Orlando Sentinel Link to Story


Daniel Weiss

I am currently executive editor at Archaeology magazine. In previous jobs and freelance assignments, I have written about a range of topics in science, health, medicine, and politics. I also like to write profiles and have done the odd radio story in the past.

After graduating from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism in 2007, I was part of a small New York City–based team that launched the Discovery Channel Magazine and then stayed on as a staff writer after daily operations moved to Singapore. I have also been managing editor of Campaigns & Elections, a magazine that covers the business and art of politics.