Daniel Weiss

Reporter, writer, editor

Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Weiss

Reporter, writer, editor


The Viking Great Army

A tale of conflict and adaptation played out in northern England
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It took a team of preservationists nearly three years to disassemble the largest known British coin hoard
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After the Battle

The defeat of a Scottish army at the 1650 Battle of Dunbar was just the beginning of an epic ordeal for the survivors
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Scroll Search

Archaeologists have found a cave in the West Bank that may have once held Dead Sea Scrolls
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Hoards of the Vikings

Evidence of trade, diplomacy, and vast wealth on an unassuming island in the Baltic Sea
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Cultural Revival

Excavations near a Yup’ik village in Alaska are helping its people reconnect with the epic stories of their ancestors.
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The Cult of Amun

In the epic rivalry between ancient Egypt and Nubia, one god had enduring appeal.
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Seismic Shift

A new explanation for the mysterious disappearance of a Chinese civilization 3000 years ago.
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Heart Attack of the Mummies

Evidence from mummies shows that atherosclerosis is not just a modern plague, but a hallmark of humanity.
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North Dakota's Archaeology Boom

An oil boom in North Dakota has produced plenty of new survey work for archaeologists.
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Daniel Weiss

I am currently a senior editor at Archaeology magazine. In previous jobs and freelance assignments, I have written about a range of topics in science, health, medicine, and politics. I also like to write profiles and have done the odd radio story in the past.

After graduating from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism in 2007, I was part of a small New York City–based team that launched the Discovery Channel Magazine and then stayed on as a staff writer after daily operations moved to Singapore. I have also been managing editor of Campaigns & Elections, a magazine that covers the business and art of politics.